Risk Management

On any journey, the unexpected can happen. The road to achieving your goals and dreams is no exception.

By working with the client advisors at Auxano, you’ll be prepared to handle even the most unanticipated detours. Focusing on factors that can be controlled, and ever mindful of your bigger financial picture, we'll help you determine potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate their effects in the most efficient way possible.

Risks should never be viewed in isolation. We take a holistic approach to your risk exposure.

It begins by helping you identify the risks you are exposed to, and understanding how they collectively fit into the context of your financial plan. We then craft strategies to balance the potential impact of these risks against the costs of shifting exposure through techniques such as asset structure and insurance coverage.

This integrated approach is a more prudent and effective way to make decisions about risks—and manage even the worst-case scenarios.

  • Assess risks associated with illness, loss of income, long-term care, accident, catastrophic event, and litigation

  • Explore optimal ways to insure against risks

  • Determine the right levels and types of insurance