Auxano Advisors is a wealth management firm that helps people see wealth from a different perspective. We listen, we learn, we ask the big questions to align your financial choices with your core values for a better quality of life.
Your life and the people around you. Your wealth and the impact it has on others. Making your personal mark on the planet. These are big issues we've spent a lot of time thinking about because we're in the same boat: families, homes, financial decisions and futures. One thing's for sure: your wealth isn't all about money; it's about asking and understanding these issues from a different perspective.

We're here to make it easier for you to think these things through. Together, we can realize the changes you desire—and maybe some you hadn't even expected—by redefining what it truly means to have wealth.

This is what transcending wealth and transforming lives is all about. This is Auxano Advisors.