Legacy Planning

With Auxano, you can integrate your life goals and your financial legacy in a cohesive strategy.

Whether you seek to transfer wealth to your family’s next generation, to the institutions and causes that inspire you, or both, our client advisors will help ensure that you leave a meaningful financial legacy. While most competent investment firms can advise on wealth transfer strategies, we bring a new perspective built on the idea of principled stewardship.

We'll help you shape a clear, coherent and actionable vision that will inspire stewardship and provide for future needs of the loved ones, institutions and organizations that matter to you.

Transfers of wealth are a delicate balance between bequeathing to the causes and people you care about, and retaining wealth to meet your needs. During this often complex and emotional process you will benefit from our knowledge and empathy, as well as our passion for seeing clients achieve the full potential and life-changing upside of wealth.

Let us help you:

  • Determine your gifting capacity. We walk you through a process that considers your personal goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and wishes to help inform you of your true financial capacity for giving.
  • Decide on the best transfer strategies. We combine essential strategies, such as the annual exclusion amount for gifting  and the lifetime gift and estate tax exemption, with more complex steps to find the integrated solution that makes the most strategic sense for you.
  • Revisit strategies on an ongoing basis. As the tax codes, grantor's situation and capital markets continually evolve, we will ensure that your plan adapts in a way that is most advantageous to you and your beneficiaries.

Through our approach you can ensure not just lasting wealth, but wealth with a vision and purpose.