Who We Are

Who We Are | Auxano is a full-service, fee-only wealth management firm, comprised of highly skilled professionals, serving the financial needs of families, individuals and organizations.

We believe that wealth is hard to accumulate and easy to lose. With that in mind, we work in a prudent and forward-looking manner to develop portfolios and strategies to protect and grow assets. We serve our clients as advocates for their best interests and serve as stewards on their behalf by championing honesty and trust in our relationships.

Our pledge to you:

+ Focus on the value of our relationship

+ Be clear in our communication and keep the agreements we make

+ Work to continually earn your trust and respect

+ Build everything on three principles: Trust, Integrity and Prudence

+ Promote a culture of growth and learning, and view problems as opportunities to become better

+ Stay within our circle of competence and continually strive to enlarge that circle