Why We Are Different

Why We're Different | We help clients transcend the traditional definition of wealth so it's used to build a legacy that transforms families, finances and their future.

Many investment firms claim to offer unique services. We don't make that claim, but we are unique in that we help people view their wealth and investments from a broader, perhaps slightly different perspective over time.

So while we're like other investment firms who work to expand their clients' wealth, we are noticeably dissimilar in the following ways:

+ We create investment strategies that balance both financial and life goals.

+ We develop business relationships that define wealth in a new manner, leading to new perspectives on the uses of wealth.

+ We build trust through our fee-only wealth management strategies. Our proposals are not limited by brand or product. Simply put, we don't sell products; we provide solutions.

+ We create financial strategies through a three-point process:

1. Comprehensive. All aspects of a client's situation—strategic vision, cash flow, insurance and tax-related strategies—are addressed in an integrated manner.

2. Consultative. Thanks to the broad range of experience on our staff, we can look at each situation from multiple perspectives.

3. Collaborative. We work closely with a client to develop a statement of mission detailing a legacy, values, specific goals and dreams.

+ We inspire and engage clients to see and use their wealth—their time, talent and treasure—in ways that will bring about long-term generational change in their lives and the lives of all those they touch.