Clients | What is it that drives you to seek professional financial advice? For some it is a matter of time or inclination; for others it is simply a desire to have a team of full-time professionals working diligently on their behalf.

Whether new to wealth or someone with multi-generational experiences, Auxano Advisors can help you balance your current needs against those of the future. We bring a new perspective to generational wealth transfers; a perspective that goes beyond legacy and inheritance. We advise families on generational stewardship where children are provided with a broader paradigm of what true wealth is all about.

As our client, we'll show you the role stewardship plays in all effective wealth transfers, including charitable gift giving, college endowments, and donations to non-profits.

Wealth with a purpose, with responsibility and with charity. This is the essence of transcending wealth and transforming lives.

As an Auxano client, you can expect the following:

+ A warm welcome - We're still fans of genuine, face-to-face hospitality, so you'll always feel welcome every time we meet.

+ A prepared team - Our professional advisors collaborate on your account and present a thorough report of your investments.

+ Thoughtful dialog - What matters to you is what's important to us, and our meetings seek to deepen our understanding of your needs and wants. Sometimes the discussion is all business; other times it may have little to do with business.

+ An independent and objective perspective - We are beholden to no one but you, our valued client. This enables us to deliver clear-minded advice, free from the entanglements and conflicts present in many organizations.

+ Complete, custom-designed solutions - We'll help you navigate an increasingly complex global marketplace with clearly defined solutions that meet your unique needs.